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23 Pet Goods Worth Drooling Over

Throw a dog (and cat) a bone

Florette Collar Slider

A slip-on faux posy takes Sir Licks-a-Lot from field scrounger to black-tie formal lickety-split.

Available at bowhausnyc.com, $18.

Florette Collar Slider Hepper NomNom Dish Mascot Hugs and Kisses Rope Toys Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Dog Bed Aesop Animal Wash Bliss Paws Travel Bowls See Scout Sleep Leash and Collar Ruff Wear K-9 Float Coat Felting by Grazim Cat Houses Harry Barker Paw Balm Pounce Recycled Cat Toy Mox Litter Tower Neat Feeder Pet Bowls PetProjekt Fresh Fido Fragrance Charmz Mungo & Maud Cat Beds Pet Balloons Bionic Pet Toys Wacky Walk’r PrideBites Dog Toys Kurgo Wander Pail Travel Bowls CatAtelier White Point Collar Umbra Doggie Bag Holder By and By Memorials
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