Inside Story: Chrissie Miller's Vintage Rock Tees

Inside Story: Chrissie Miller's Vintage Rock Tees

The Sophomore designer shows us her collection

At 16, our prized possessions included a crush’s Drakkar-soaked scarf, “going out” pants from Express, and Antonio Sabato Jr.’s autograph.

Chrissie Miller, designer of downtown-based clothing line Sophomore, however, had good taste from the start. In today’s Inside Story, we peek through her rock ’n’ roll-inspired wardrobe, from a jean jacket she bought in high school (and still wears) to a vintage tee collection she’s been accruing since she attended a Madonna/Beastie Boys concert at age 8.

Miller also shows us a few of her favorite mementos — Woody Allen’s autograph, for one — and the first records she ever owned. You’ll feel cooler just by watching.

Enough to cancel out years of silk camisole tops.

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