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Shrimp Balls with Salsa de Arbol Recipe

Shrimp Balls with Salsa de Arbol Recipe

An Exclusive from Super Linda

According to Stefon, New York’s hottest club has Sherpas, kittens, fat Steve Urkels, Gummi Bear kisses, and Germfs (German Smurfs).

If we’re going to wait in line, we’d rather there be good food, drinks, and atmosphere at the end of it. That’s why we’re crazy about Super Linda, the new two-level, South America-inspired hotspot in Tribeca from guys whose joint resume includes The Beatrice Inn, Cafe Habana, and La Esquina.

For today’s video, we asked chef John Martinez (Tiny’s) for something we can whip up in our kitchen in the meantime. He suggested his never-before-shared, surprisingly simple recipe for shrimp balls with spicy salsa de Arbol. In a word: perfection.

We ate five in one sitting, even though the serving size is generally three.

It really answers the question, “Whaaaaaaat?”

Super Linda, 109 West Broadway, between Duane and Reade Streets, Tribeca (212-227-8998). Think you missed something in the video? Here’s the full recipe.