Inside Story: Carrie Imberman's Personal Collection

Inside Story: Carrie Imberman's Personal Collection

The Kentshire curator shows us her artwork and jewelry

After a quick poll of family traditions, we found that every Christmas one editor’s mom tops Jell-O with birdseed to honor her grandma, who did it by accident years ago.

On the less weird (but just as charming?) side: Kentshire’s Carrie Imberman, whose grandfather started the NYC-based antique jewelry and furniture powerhouse in 1940.

In today’s Inside Story, in which we peek inside our favorite people’s homes, Imberman shows us some of her collection of artwork and gems — from a secret society’s symbol-filled drawing to faux diamond earrings from the 1840s.

If you’ve ever perused Kentshire, you know it’s something special; if you haven’t, it’s like an online museum, and you should check it out.

It’s not just for the birds.

For more information, go to kentshire.com. Want to keep snooping? Check out designer Kaelen Haworth’s NYC apartment, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s fridge, and actress/writer Mindy Kaling’s closet.