River Valley Ranch Mushroom-Growing Kits

Shroom to Grow

grow your own mushrooms!

Ain’t no high like a fungi high. Wonderland taught you that.

So you’ll trip over River Valley Ranch & Kitchens mushroom-growing kits. The Wisconsin farm’s shrooms are ubiquitous at local farmers markets. Now you can grow them at home — no outdoor garden or green thumb required.

You’re not hallucinating: The cremini or buttons grow inside the box they come in, take up to twenty days to appear, and produce for two to three months with flushes occurring every one to two weeks. Once they emerge, these babies can double in size each day.

So break out your favorite risotto recipe and bust a cap.

Available at Provenance Food and Wine, 2528 North California Avenue, between Logan Boulevard and Altgeld Street (773-384-0699); 2312 West Leland Avenue, between Western and Lincoln Avenues (773-784-2314 or provenancefoodandwine.com), $20. Take 10 percent off through April 30.

Photo: GlowImages / Getty Images

2528 N California Ave
bt Logan Blvd & Altgeld St
Chicago, IL 60647
Provenance Food and Wine
2312 W Leland Ave
@ Western Ave
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