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A Sweet and Spicy Derby Meatballs Recipe

We'll Race Ya for This Dish

kentucky derby meatball recipe!

Some people wear hats. Others bet their life’s savings on Uncle Mo. Glencoe residents Lois and Jack Graller throw a hundred-plus-person party with banjos and a spread that would make Colicchio weep. The Derby party is on its sixteenth year — and for that, Lois credits her famous (and famously simple) meatballs.

Lois’s Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

1 jar Smucker’s grape jelly
2 jars chili sauce
1 package frozen, precooked meatballs, thawed (or use this recipe — sans Thousand Island — to spice things up)

1. Mix jelly and chili sauce in a pot over low heat, stirring until combined.

2. Stir in thawed meatballs until heated through.

3. Refrigerate overnight so the sauce permeates the meatballs.

4. Reheat and serve.

5. Bet your guests will love it.

Photo: Jonathan McPherskesen / Flickr

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