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DIY mother's day blog!

She signs her texts “Love, Mom” and just learned to forward an email. What to get a lady on the brink of technological brilliance for Mother’s Day? A blog, of course.

1. Sign on to tumblr.com.

2. Create a blog name (momyourethebomb, runforyourmummy, noothermother).

3. Choose an appropriate theme (we heart The Minimalist and Art She Said).

4. Find an old photo of her. Scan it. Make it the banner.

5. Enlist family members. Brainstorm a few themes (Reasons We Love You, Favorite Moments with Ma, Funniest Thing You Ever Said, Best Advice You Ever Gave, Top Family Trips, Remember When). Create posts for each theme, with each family member contributing.

6. Create a post entitled Photo Ops and scan in family photos. (Make them look like Polaroids with Poladroid.)

7. Add a post called Eat Up and link to a few recipes you’ve made in advance for your mom — or make a list of the best dishes she’s made for you.

8. Upload a few of her favorite songs and/or movie clips from YouTube. Or, hey, make a YouTube video just for her.

If your ma doesn’t weep openly, you either screwed up or she’s hard as nails. Good luck, techie.

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