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Eat Las Manas Tamales at Green City Market

Unwrap Local Goodness


We like big husks, and we cannot lie,
Las Manas Tamales lovers can’t deny,
When Amber Wojcinski walks in — she’s a Kendall College-ette and Chopping Block vet — we get sprung,
Want to know some more ’cause you gotta know what’s in store,
Deep in the Floriole kitchen,
She’s cookin’, her technique is bitchin’,
Ooh, baby, she’s going to park it,
At Green City Market.
This homegirl’s going local,
Her homemade masa makes us so vocal.

Ooh, Three Sisters’s corn, yo,
You say you want cheese from Capriole?
Twin Oaks and Mint Creek,
Providing sustainably raised meats,
She’s thinkin’ bacon with leeks for the takin’,
Chorizo, yes, please-o,
And add some roasted poblanos,
We won’t tire of peach-basil-goat,
That ain’t all she wrote,
Order one hot and one not,
And take it home now, big shot.

So eaters, Yeah!, feeders, Yeah!
Wanna know the word on the streeters?
Buy a husk. Roll it out. Las Manas, mama — no doubt.

Available at Green City Market, Lincoln Park, between Clark Street and Stockton Drive (773-880-1266 or greencitymarket.org).

Photo: Lew Robertson / Getty Images

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