Bespoke Paper and Textile Design by Anne and Kate

Custom Stationery and Fabric

anne and kate design!

You have 342 Facebook friends and 268 Twitter followers.

But about .01 percent of them would bail you out of jail.

Real friends are the real deal. Take Anne Schaefer and Kate Jensen. Despite their distance (Anne, Philly; Kate, Chicago), the artsy BFFs run a business aptly named Anne and Kate.

The duo fuse their talents (Anne, illustration, silk screening; Kate, graphic design, typography) to create awe-inspiring, custom-printed paper and textiles for events (think napkins, table runners, photo backdrops, rubber stamps).

Their collaborative process involves in-depth conversations with clients to ascertain idiosyncrasies. For a wedding with a romantic summer camp vibe, they created a pattern mimicking tree bark and used a subtle scallop based on china on the couple’s registry to design custom pocket squares, a hoopah, and letterpress stationery.

These are the things Tumblr dreams are made of.

Available online at anneandkate.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Anne and Kate