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Get Buzzed at La Colombe Torrefaction in the West Loop

Jonesing for Java

la colombe torrefaction chicago!

Geeked-out coffee klatches are a snooze.

But even the esoteric can be outweighed by a flavorful cup of joe.

At La Colombe Torrefaction, they don’t do Wi-Fi. They don’t do menus. And they don’t do soy milk. But pitch-perfect coffee in a new, beautifully designed West Loop space, is hard to resist.

The small-batch java has big taste — and a big heart. Drinks are served in vintage Italian china; raw sugar lives in a large bowl with a single spoon; frothy milk hails from Kilgus farm.

Beans are directly sourced from South America to Africa, guaranteeing the farmer makes his dollar. (Fact: La Colombe is the only U.S. company to buy beans from Haiti.) Micro loans and grants help support coffee farms around the world.

Roasting classes are coming soon. Au lait!

La Colombe Torrefaction, 955 West Randolph Street, at Morgan Street (312-733-0707 or lacolombe.com).

Photo: Courtesy of La Colombe

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955 W Randolph St
@ Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60607