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Let Bell Fine Foods Cater Your Dinner Party

You Fake It, They Make It

bell fine foods!

You’ve screamed at appliances in the past (no judgment).

But after punching your oven in the “face,” you realized it was time to call in the pros.

Give Bell Fine Foods a ring. Run by foodie friends Whitney Fry and Ellen Gladish, the fledgling business will cater your small party (20 to 40 people) while you attend anger management classes (we kid).

The duo shares a love of canning, obscure ingredients, and, of course, cooking (Gladish had formal culinary training; Fry is self-taught). After discussing your requirements, they’ll either prep at a rented kitchen and finish the meal at your place, or drop off the mise en place for you to complete the meal yourself.

Expect twists on classics — potato pancakes with apple onion jam, lobster risotto fritters, cassoulet cups, duck confit atop maple biscuits — and desserts — rosemary-chocolate truffles, hibiscus citrus cookies.

They’re all the rage.

For more information, go to bellfinefoods.com.

Photo: Carley Mostar / Courtesy of Bell Fine Foods