Rob Jeffries Wooden Bangles

Rugged-Meets-Chic Jewelry

robert jeffries wooden bangles!

When we heard about local woodworker-cum-jewelry designer Rob Jeffries, we crossed our fingers that he knew a thing or two about timber.

It worked: The Pilsen-based mastermind honed his craft with his 95-year-old grandfather in Knoxville, Tennessee. Today he creates beautifully raw bangles that suggest time spent in a forest — even if your style is more skyscraper than open sky.

Found and ethically sourced wood (fiery red and flame orange Central/South American cocobolo, rich mesquite, and varieties passed down from Gramps himself) lend each piece a grain of its own.

The smooth, cool-feeling bracelets use bead detailing (a convex shape) and cove design (a concave style); some are muted matte and others polished pretty. When layered, they sound like a wind chime.

Next on Jeffries’s agenda: jewelry boxes, bowls, and candlesticks.

Knock on wood.

Available at Workshop, 818 West 18th Street, at Newberry Avenue (312-226-9000 or workshop-chicago.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Jeffries

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818 W 18th St
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