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Grab a Slice of Artisan Wedge Pies

Seasonal Pastries in Chicago

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Mother-daughter-bonding flops: matching festive holiday sweaters, couple’s day at the spa, the Kardashians.

Julie and Christine Devane took a sweeter route. After a conversation about the dearth of good pie in Chicago, they launched their own company, Wedge Pies.

The Devanes craft each nine-inch pastry in the Logan Square Kitchen, using organic and local ingredients when possible. Recipes are a mix of family standbys from the Iowa farm where Christine’s grandma was raised and new creations.

Each rolled crust is light, flaky, and buttery; fillings favor authenticity over saccharinity. Classics like apple, banana cream, and French silk are available year-round, while gems such as pumpkin and blueberry peach make seasonal appearances. The August 7 menu includes triple berry, cherry, and coconut cream.

The goods are delivered right to your front door, free of charge. Now that’s love.

Available online at wedgepies.com, $23-$25. Order by August 5 for August 7 delivery.

Photo: Brenda Ryan / Courtesy of Wedge Pies

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