Awesome Fitness Class: the Name Says It All

Shake (and Shape) Your Thang

awesome dance class!

Even if you equate casual exercise with the true death (see: True Blood), it’s hard to resist a workout called Awesome! (exclamation point included).

The class, which takes place in intimate East Lakeview Pilates and dance studio One Hundred, kicks more ass than its name implies: 60 minutes of upbeat cardio dance to the likes of Britney and Rihanna, slyly mixed with free weights, bump-and-grind booty shaking, a pony or two, and some ab-mat mania for good measure. No two sessions are alike.

Charming pro dancer Maan Nabong’s irresistible smile and encouraging attitude make burning hundreds of calories feel like fun as opposed to work. Staff member cameos (hi, Kyle and Allison) ratchet the energy even higher.

If you’re lucky, the studio’s Italian greyhound mascot, Henrietta, will make an appearance.

Which certainly doesn’t suck.

One Hundred, 3619 North Broadway Street, at Patterson Avenue (773-857-1467 or onehundredfitness.com).

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3619 N Broadway St
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