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Stu's Sours Have Pickly Power

Make Your Best Sour Face

stu's sour pickles!

That sour mug of yours ever get you in a pickle?

Now it can get you on a pickle jar.

New company Stu’s Sour knows a thing or two about packaging: Each jar comes with a photo booth-like sticker strip of local folks flashing their tart-y faces. Submit your best sour face and let the crew decide whether your punim is pickle worthy.

Chicago Le Cordon Bleu grad Stu Waters conducted a year of research before arriving at his finished product: a locally sourced, pesticide-free spear that maintains cool cucumber flavor while balancing a blend of spices, dehydrated vegetables, and hot chili heat.

Waters just launched the ultimate Bloody Mary mix, too (made with spices and pickle juice).

Better start practicing your drunken stupor.

Available at Pastoral, 2945 North Broadway, between Wellington and Oakdale Avenues (773-472-4781); 53 East Lake Street, at Wabash Avenue (312-658-1250 or pastoralartisan.com); Olivia’s Market, 2014 West Wabansia Avenue, at Damen Avenue (773-227-4220). To submit your sour face, go to thesourpickle.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Stu’s Sour

2945 N Broadway
bt Wellington & Oakdale Aves
Chicago, IL 60657
53 E Lake St
@ Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60601
2014 W Wabansia Ave
@ Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647