Exfoliate and Moisturize with Dirt Scrubs

A Dirty Shower Never Felt So Good

dirt body scrub!

(Sung to the tune of the TLC classic)

A scrub of this kind is hard to find,
It’s also known as a buffer,
Always made of what’s natural,
And just feels so luxurious.

So, no,
You can’t borrow that Dirt scrub, no,
You’ll just have to go online ’cause, no,
Nobody can make it better, no,
This stuff’s one of a kind, whoa.

You must buy Dirt scrub,
It’s locally made and smells good enough to eat,
Exfoliate and moisturize,
Your dry-ass thighs.
Pumice made of kiwi seeds,
Yeah, you want this scrub,
Ginger, lemongrass, and some vitamin E,
Throw in some corncob grit (that’s some crazy $#!%),
Hell yeah, it’s grease free.

You got your lemon leaf that’s made with raspberry seeds,
Sea salt and some shea butter,
Vanilla sandalwood, ooh, what feels so good?
Ooh, baby, that’s honey.

So, yo,
Baby, time to get some Dirt scrub, whoa,
Yeah, it’s made for all skin types, no,
No one’s gonna buy it for you, whoa,
Yeah, they will expand the line, ho,
Buy yourself some scrub,
That bod deserves to feel so fresh and clean,
Wash away that grit and grime,
That summer slime,
Ooh, that skin will gleam.

Available online at dirtbeaute.com, $45. DailyCandy readers enter code DCCHGO at checkout for 10 percent off through Friday.

Photo: Courtesy of Dirt