We Are Owls Scarves Are a Hoot

Cozy Up Circus Style

we are owls scarves!

The bearded lady has one thing going for her: Facial hair is like a built-in muffler for winter.

The rest of us can stay cozy (under the big top or not) with circus-themed cashmere scarves from We Are Owls.

Illustration whiz/designer Ling Chen’s bold, whimsical prints portray freaks and outsiders as figures of beauty, using a bright palette inspired by 20th-century French paintings.

The sumptuously soft neckwear bears graphic images of knife throwers, acrobats, elephants balancing on balls, Houdini escaping chains, majestic tigers and leopards, Pierrot (an elegantly haunting character), masked Siamese twins, snake charmers, and, of course, the brilliant ringmaster

At almost 80 inches long, it will keep harsh wind from weaseling its way in.

We wouldn’t clown around about that.

Available at Samantha Chicago, 64 East Walton Street, between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street, first floor (312-951-5383 or facebook.com). To see styles, go to weareowls.com.

Photo: Courtesy of We Are Owls

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