Amanda Gentry's Ceramics Are Scary-Cool

Frankenbaker Kitchen and Bakeware

amanda gentry ceramics!

Dishware can fall into one of two camps: seriously awesome or frighteningly awful.

Chicago designer Amanda Gentry’s wares are scary in the best way. Her new Frankenbaker collection launches this week.

Over the past six years, Gentry has learned to embrace the imperfect seams, textural irregularities, and kiln-induced birthmarks inherent in her housewares. She started at the wheel but now sculpts free-form, using wooden sticks, knives, and pen caps to create sometimes-flawed, always-elegant designs.

Frankenbaker comes to life by way of butter and quiche dishes, mugs, noodle bowls, succulent pots, and ice buckets. Up next: pet bowls, pizza stones, and cake plates.

She finishes each piece with matte blue or haystack gold on the outside and tenmoku (dark coffee-colored gloss) or matte black on the inside. Everything is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Even Shelley would approve.

Available online at etsy.com later this week, $35 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Amanda Gentry