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Amanda Skrip Weighs In on Detox

Reset Your Body with Tips from a Pro

amanda skrip's food-based cleanses!

Cayenne, lemon juice, and maple syrup: more recipe for disaster than actual recipe.

Cleanse healthfully (read: without starving) with help from natural foods personal chef/nutrition coach Amanda Skrip.

When not teaching healthy living classes, she’s designing gentle detoxes that use friendly foods to reset your system.

During a comprehensive consultation, you and Skrip will review your preprepared food journal. Then she’ll design a realistic plan based on your lifestyle and habits (can’t quit coffee, require ice cream).

Whether you want a five-day reboot or monthlong overhaul, Skrip has you covered, providing grocery lists, recipes, meal plans, and email/phone support. Sample meals include strawberry-spinach smoothies, Moroccan quinoa, chia bowls, and a host of sauces (clean green, creamy avocado) to use for dousing or dipping during snack time.

Results are truly awesome: clearer skin, increased energy, and curbed cravings.

In other words, she pulls her weight.

For more information, go to amandaskrip.com.

Photo: Lynn Chyi / Getty Images

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