DIY Reverse French Twist

Whip Your Hair

diy reverse french twist!

The high bun had its moment. And then it had another.

Give your mane a breather — and a new do — with help from Sine Qua Non Salon vet Sam Hamm.

In a mere ten minutes, Hamm took us from prima ballerina to Euro chic. Her messy, sultry reverse French twist is easy as one, two, three. Note: Start with day-old hair; it holds the updo better.

Rattail comb
Hairspray (natural/medium hold, like Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode)
Natural bristle brush (Denman works well)
Bobby pins
Curling iron (optional)

1. Part your hair in the front where you like to wear it. Take the crown and gently back-comb (a.k.a. tease) to create the illusion of volume. Hold with hairspray.

2. Using a brush, take all of your hair and pull it over to one side of your head, directly behind your ear. Keep it loose like you’re making a loose ponytail.

3. Twist the hair down (this creates the reverse French twist). Hold twist in place by inserting bobby pins toward your scalp, then back down through the twist itself.

4. Use the pointy end of your rattail comb to lift the crown back up. Pull it gently so it stays loose and casual looking.

5. If you want, curl the ends that are hanging down from the twist with a curling iron. Keep it natural by curling only a few pieces. Finish with hairspray.

For cuts and color, go to Sine Qua Non Salon, 2038 West Chicago Avenue, between Damen and Hoyne Avenues (773-252-4700 or sinequanonsalon.com).

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