Hydrogen Plus Records Opens

Let's Hear It for the Boy

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Patrick Schwer’s story has a nice ring to it.

While working as a water engineer in California, the Chicago native grew nostalgic for his hometown. So he hipped to the hop back east to march to the beat of a different drum. His record store, Hydrogen Plus, opens Friday in Printer’s Row.

To pay homage to the shop’s history, Schwer restored its original 1914 terrazzo flooring and an old door in the floor formerly used to access the city’s freight system.

Custom built-ins artfully display a mix of vintage and used vinyl: indie rock, hip-hop, local artists, dance, electronic, experimental. For music appreciators, there are listening stations; for performers, a stage (live shows are coming soon).

A selection of refurbished record players is also available — as is an expert record repairman.

It’s music to our ears.

Hydrogen Plus Records, 730 South Dearborn Street, at Polk Street (312-380-5007 or hplusrecords.com).

Photo: Ffotograffydd Mabon Llyr Photographer / Getty Images

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730 S Dearborn St
@ Polk St
Chicago, IL 60605