Go Green with Juice Rx

Organic Fruit and Veggie Cleanses for Healthy Habits

juice rx cleanse!

Hi, we’re DailyCandy Chicago, and we have a drinking problem.

Hi, DailyCandy.

We’re addicted to new, local company Juice Rx’s juice.

Maybe it’s the precleanse Prius door-to-door drop-off or the supportive emails during (potential) midcleanse mania.

Perhaps it’s that spicy lemonade (lemon, green apple, cayenne, and Vermont maple syrup) makes us temporarily forget about coffee. Or that beety Lunchtime Detox tastes earthy and fresh. Liquid Lunchbox contains an unexpectedly delicious hit of Saigon cinnamon. Come fall, maple cinnamon pecan milk enters the mix.

Sure, two days in we got distracted by a jar of peanut butter (turns out we like to chew our food). But we’re fairly certain that real cleansing folk are stronger than that.

Either way, Juice Rx has your back: You can order juices to cleanse or solely for your drinking pleasure.

One sip and you’ll be hooked.

Available online at juicerxcleanse.com, cleanses, $68-$85 per day; juices, $8-$11 (six-bottle minimum). DailyCandy readers get $10 off any purchase by entering code DAILYCANDY10 at checkout through October 31.

Photo: Courtesy of Juice Rx