Get Hooked on Ianneci Jewelry for Fall

Diamond in the Rough

ianneci jewelry!

The odds of birthing twins are 3 percent.

The chances of said twins being supremely talented are equal to finding a diamond in the rough.

Or, at the very least, a gem like Ianneci’s fall line, launching today. Designed by twins Kimberly and Jennifer Gennace, the handmade jewelry collection is a study in patience and artistry.

The self-taught baby geniuses (they’re 28) work on their designs separately, come together to critique, and tweak from there. Kim’s on-trend, edgy style balances Jen’s classic, clean aesthetic.

Fall 2011 nods to Azteca and the future, with a focus on manipulated materials (sutache, glass beads) and three-dimensional forms. The twins excel at elaborate beading, which takes form in the rouleau and hematite necklaces; Balenciaga-esque, double-beaded cuff; and clip-on glove adornments (our new go-to accessories).

Geometric rings look cooler in multiples.

Need we say more?

Available online at ianneci.com, $75-$470.

Photo: Kyle Weaver / Courtesy of Ianneci