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Suck It Down at Slurping Turtle Restaurant

Use Your Noodle in River North


Slurping tops your list of pet peeves.

Suck it up at Slurping Turtle, which opened Monday in River North.

Chef Takashi Yagihashi’s (Takashi) new restaurant challenges you to dine like the Japanese, who believe hot food tastes better when sucked down quickly.

Fittingly, the menu teems with the noodle master’s famously addictive ramen (sesame, rice, egg, and mung bean noodles). Nonslurpers can snack on top-grade sashimi, homemade tofu, dumplings, and hot “tapas” (glazed pork ribs).

The bincho grill is another Japanese import (even the charcoal comes from Japan), on which razor clams, quail, skirt steak, and chicken skin are made to order.

Asian-leaning macarons, soft-serve, cream puffs, and a Japanese sundae (chilled red bean, vanilla ice cream, agar agar cubes) cap off your meal.

Just try not to burp.

Slurping Turtle, 116 West Hubbard Street, at LaSalle Boulevard (312-464-0466 or slurpingturtle.com).

Photo: Pabo76 / Flickr

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116 W Hubbard St
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