Holiday Presents for the Chicago Man

The Best of the Midwest

artfully disheveled!

Whether you love him like a brother, father, husband, boyfriend, or sister (hey, it’s 2011), he deserves something to suit his fancy this holiday season. Outfit him — whoever he is — with the help of our handy-dandy gift guide.

He Lives to Eat
He’ll salivate over Artfully Disheveled’s Epicurean ($70 each) and Butcher ($89) neckties, and Epsicle pocket square ($50). But if chocolate googly eyes ($10) don’t win him over, nothing will.

rsvp knits!He Dresses to Impress
With the use of a shoe-shine kit ($62), he’ll look extra dapper; a guy with shoes that nice needs a clean shave ($83 for the set) to pair with ’em. He’ll steal hearts with Converse/Comme des Garçons kicks ($105) and knits ($385) from RSVP Gallery.

He’s Got the Beat
If rare is his middle name, then Numero Group’s archival music subscription ($100-$150) is his game. The record company rescues albums from obscurity, dusts them off, remasters, and sends eight albums (CD or LP) straight to his door.

run of the mill!He’s a Dreamer
He longs for the Fiat Nuova 500. Not in your budget? This book ($30) is just as cool. If he wishes he lived in a different era, he can at least dress the part, thanks to new Michigan shop Run of the Mill. Take him to a different stratosphere with astronaut ice cream ($3.50); lure him homeward with a North Shore Distillers Club membership (free).

He’ll be toasting you in no time.

Photos: Nathan Michael / Courtesy of Artfully Disheveled; Courtesy of RSVP; Courtesy of Run of the Mill