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Honeypie Comes to Chicago

A Pie in the Sky


If exercise tops your 2012 resolutions, you’re in luck.

Get a leg up with the Honeypie workout.

1. Run like the wind to your phone and call Valeri Lucks, co-owner of Milwaukee’s Honeypie Cafe. Do five leg lifts while the phone rings.

2. Launch into jumping jacks out of sheer excitement when Lucks tells you Honeypie just started baking in Chicago’s Logan Square Kitchen.

3. Switch to speakerphone. Drop into push-ups while Lucks waxes poetic about Honeypie’s ingredients (local), process (everything is done by hand), and recipes (old-fashioned with a modern twist).

4. Do one crunch for every flavor: pecan, banana cream, seasonal fruits (Lucks froze 300 pounds of berries and peaches this summer), almond cream (made with almond butter), pumpkin, and almond joy.

5. Shower yourself (or someone else) with a special order or pick up a premade slice to go.

6. Replenish your energy with seconds.

Available at Green Grocer, 1402 West Grand Avenue, at Noble Street (312-624-9508 or greengrocerchicago.com); Larkspur, 2123 North Damen Avenue, at Charleston Street (773-489-2898 or larkspurchicago.com). For special orders, call 312-404-0756. For more information, go to honeypiecafe.com.

Photo: Inti St. Clair / Getty Images

2123 N Damen Ave
@ Charleston St
Chicago, IL 60647
Green Grocer
1402 W Grand Ave
@ Noble St
Chicago, IL 60622