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You've Got a Friend

mwf seeking bff, by rachel bertsche!

You think dating is tough?

Turns out landing friends can be equally difficult.

Rachel Bertsche knows from experience. Her new book, MWF Seeking BFF (out tomorrow), follows her yearlong search for a best friend. After leaving her East Coast life (and posse) behind to move to Chicago with her now-husband, Bertsche realizes making friends isn’t as easy as it was when Ma planned her playdates.

Her solution: 52 friend dates in 365 days. She seeks out friends of friends, chats up friendly faces at yoga, signs up for improv classes, leaves notes for waitresses, takes out want ads, speed dates; she even rents a friend (and pays for it).

Bertsche isn’t a pity case. Her raw humor, self-deprecation, and honesty make you root for her all the way through.

In other words, she’s an open book.

Available for preorder online amazon.com, $10.

Photo: Courtesy of Ballantine Books