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Best New Chicago Restaurants of 2011

Where We Stuffed Our Faces This Year

best chicago restaurants of 2011!

Holy hell, Chicago fed us well this year. With a revolving door of restaurant openings, there was ample opportunity to eat more than our share. For your enjoyment, we’ve chosen the best. Happy eating (and reading).

Place to make weird noises while you eat: sucking down ramen at Slurping Turtle.

Spot to spend all day: breakfast to late-night bites at Bar Toma.

Trip to the farm without leaving the city: farm-to-table fare at Perennial Virant.

Excuse for slacking at work: frantically clicking for Next tickets.

Reason to wait in line (in the cold) for 45 minutes: camaraderie and vanilla-glazed donuts at Doughnut Vault.

Restaurant to OD on oysters: saddling up at GT Fish & Oyster’s bar.

Place for unusual drinks: the 100+ list of sherry wines at Vera Chicago.

Feel-good watering hole: biodynamic wines and small plates at Telegraph.

Face-lift: Pump Room, version 2.0.

Hangover cure: foie gras Pop-Tarts at 2 Sparrows’s brunch.

Photo: Louis-Laurent Grandadam / Getty Images