Our Favorite Health and Beauty Stories of 2011

Oh, to Health with It

new year's resolutions!

Most resolutions reverse themselves in two weeks.

Our solution: Create a list of resolutions that can be accomplished in less than one week (sneaky, sneaky). Read on for the best health and beauty of 2011 (that can make you better in 2012).

Detox. For Real, This Time
After a night of champagne and fireworks, you’ll undoubtedly start 2012 nursing an epic hangover. A blast of organic fruit and veggie juices from Juice Rx is just what the doctor ordered.

Wash Your Hands of Last Year’s Mistakes
Maybe you did some things you weren’t proud of. Wash it all away with a Turkish bath at Valeo.

Dance like Everyone Is Watching
Because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you’re probably a tad more “lovable” than usual. Harness your inner radio star (we choose Beyoncé) and shake it at an Awesome fitness class.

Get Your Hair Did
Does your do make you look fat? The stylists at Sine Qua Non Salon are pros at turning frizzy locks into effortlessly chic updos.

Share Your Dirty Little Secret
It’s satisfying to call your glowing skin genetic. Hop on the honesty bandwagon in 2012 and break the news: You’ve been sneaking off for luxurious Monticelli mud wrap sessions at Fuga Centro.

Take a Chill Pill
You have a whole year ahead of you, so take a deep breath. Hit up Aaron’s Apothecary in Lincoln Park for your annual stockpile of holistic bath, body, and cosmetic products — plus prescribed meds if you need something stronger.

To health and happiness.

Photo: GuiLie / Getty Images