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Get Your Read On at Uncharted Books

Used Reads in a Cozy Shop

uncharted books!

When 26-year-old creative writer Tanner McSwain heard about Borders’s demise, he set out on an odyssey.

After his awakening, he left the world of book publishing with great expectations of running a used bookstore. Uncharted Books opens tomorrow.

To fill the shelves, he set out on the road, scouring library sales, thrift stores, and rummage sales to curate a collection of beloved books in the genres of contemporary literature, vintage classics, women’s studies, humor, religion, queer studies, Chicago interest, and Chicago authors.

The space is reminiscent of an English study: Old-world European antiques — from writer’s busts to an eccentric ship captain’s sea chest — fit right into the cozy Logan Square shop.

Burgeoning writers can plug in at a seating area up front. Author readings, writing workshops, and open mics kick off in a few months.

Consider it a brave new world.

Uncharted Books, 2630 North Milwaukee Avenue, between Sawyer and Kedzie Avenues (unchartedbooks.com).

Photo: Hannah Bryant / Getty Images

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2630 N Milwaukee Ave
bt Sawyer & Kedzie Aves
Chicago, IL 60647