Best New Shops of 2011

On the Shopping Block

best new shops of 2011 chicago!

An Ode to Our Favorite Stores

Shopping this year was pure poetry,
Vintage Smith’s rugged Levi’s fit us to a tee;

For edgy designers, we went to The Edit,
While Mignonette Bridal helped put a ring on it;

Local hero Perchance opened at the Elysian,
We ate/sipped/browsed Dose Market ’til we lost reason;

You could catch us making a Décollage stop,
Or faking a British accent in Topshop;

LaundryMagazine’s Dotshop pushed newbies ahead,
And quaint NAC for Style kept our closet fed;

If you think that’s a lot of great things,
Just wait and see what 2012 brings.

Photo: Courtesy of Décollage