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Raise Your Bar with Femme du Coupe

Three Cheers for the Bar-Styling Service

femme du coupe bar styling!

Either your liquor cabinet survived the Dust Bowl or your $#!^ is straight old.

Raise the bar with help from Femme du Coupe.

Revae Schneider did time slinging drinks at Gilt Bar and Maude’s, so she’s a total pro. Her home bar-styling service is designed for party throwers, curiosity seekers, and nightcap enthusiasts alike.

Schneider starts by ascertaining your bar’s contents and your poison. Then, she takes you to a local shop to stock up on essentials (real lemons, liqueurs that complement your liquor, bitters). At home, you’ll learn to make simple syrup (every bar needs it) and a few cocktails of your choice. Schneider encourages stirring and sipping to understand flavor complexity.

If your barware needs a boost, la femme will source vintage glassware (collins and rocks glasses, cobbler shakers, jiggers, strainers); she’ll even hook you up with a friend who creates custom bar carts.

And that’s some booze you can use.

For more information, go to femmeducoupe.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Femme du Coupe