Scout & Catalogue Accessories Are a Fiesta

Bohemian Scarves, Handbags, and More

scout and catalogue!

Spring break feels eons away.

Thanks to Scout & Catalogue, your next vacation’s in the bag: The accessories line is inspired by the sunny, siesta-friendly beaches of Mexico.

A flight of utilitarian fancy, the collection of clutches and duffels is the work of Toronto-based designer Breanna Musgrove, who spent a south-of-the-border stint dyeing fabrics and sewing bags and scarves to capture the bohemian spirit of her surroundings.

Traditional Oaxacan fabrics, striped blankets, and bright lace cover festive zip pouches; thick dyed canvas lends itself to sturdy everyday carryalls.

The occasional turban, scarf, T-shirt, or pair of socks pops up, but it’s the large Libro clutch (fluorescent pink silk over canvas and tawny distressed Italian leather, no less) that captures our attention.

It really gets around.

Available online at scoutandcatalogue.com, $14-$88.

Photo: Courtesy of Scout & Catalogue