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Painted Shoes with Sole

The Office of Angela Scott Footwear

the office of angela scott!

From the OkCupider who stood you up for bocce (classic body snatch) to your go-to brow lady (who’s also “kinda psychic”), everybody’s got a story.

A tale actually worth spreading? That of The Office of Angela Scott.

This week the designer launches an online boutique full of Italian-crafted shoes with personae as colorful as their painted uppers and soles.

Mrs. and Mr. Smith (her, a proper heel; him, a flat oxford) are a traditional-looking pair — until you read into their flaming pink stripes.

Prim Miss Wright lace-ups and Mrs. Seymour saddle shoes tell a saucier saga than their traditional counterparts, and Mr. Oliver equestrian boots are finished in quirky canvas. (Here’s hoping the red, white, and blue Americana edition becomes a permanent fixture.)

Whatever she’s selling, we’re buying.

Available online at theofficeofangelascott.com, $350-$825.

Photo: Jessica Watts / Courtesy of The Office of Angela Scott