2012 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We're Lovin' It

valentine's day!

No matter your thoughts on Valentine’s Day, the calendar’s marked, and it’s here to stay. So live it up (and love it, too) by copping a sweet gift for your boo.

Flower Power
Blooms are nice, but roses? A bore. See what Jayson Home & Garden has in store. He may be prone to killing plants, but a sculptural wooden tree he surely can’t.

Arm Charm
If you like her, then you better seal the deal with engraved letters. Arriving early? How truly sublime. La Mer’s Miami-cool wristwatch helps her keep time.

Rad Pad
Her magnetic personality is her main attraction. To show your appreciation, give her fridge some action. Speaking of gems, your lady’s well read. Her fiction won’t budge with bookends in their stead.

The Single May Mingle
For those in need of a love connection, a charmer from Suitor doth have our affection. She yearns to remain solo for the rest of her days; The Man Repeller’s wardrobe keeps boys at bay.

Said She, Said He
She’ll sleep in style, and so will he, in pj’s that are cute as they are cozy. Along the lines of his and hers, if he really loves her, he’ll rock a murse.

Snack Attack
If chocolate’s a must, then do it right: Make Veruca Chocolates her very first bite. Custom sweets put her in a tizzy. Clearly Cookies make her dizzy.

Read on for more Valentine’s Day ideas that make us weak in the knees.

Photo: Fuse / Getty Images