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When you grow up with an Italian mom who was raised in New Orleans, chances are you’re not boring.

Kiki Luthringshausen is living proof.

Raised on a steady diet of red beans and rice and Bolognese, the self-taught cook didn’t fully realize her affinity for food until studying abroad in Italy during college.

Many years later, Luthringshausen gave up her interior design business to commit full time to her food blog, Beauty and Her Feast.

This year she’s adding home cooking classes to her repertoire. Lessons cover everything from Asian pantry staples to pasta sauces to paella; during the two-hour sessions, you’ll learn three recipes of Luthringshausen’s creation. She happily accommodates requests and comes bearing groceries (and tools, if need be).

You’ll eat — and drink — as you learn.

It keeps things interesting.

For more information, go to beautyandherfeast.com. Classes cost $60 per hour.

Photo: SSC / Getty Images