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Au Cheval Serves Upscale Diner Fare

There's No Finer Diner

au cheval diner chicago!

Brendan Sodikoff (Gilt Bar, Maude’s Liquor Bar, Doughnut Vault) wants you to listen and listen good.

And you should: His diner, Au Cheval, opens today in the West Loop.

First, erase your diner stereotypes. (Yes, you have them. And that’s okay.) Au Cheval is clanging copper pans, a zinc counter with leather stools, and mismatched vintage china. It’s ’90s hip-hop and funk-inspired British pop, courtesy of music curator Scottie McNiece. It’s beautiful and urban, and the coffee is strong.

It joins diner and cook — the kitchen’s out in the open — in a frenzied, communal atmosphere. It’s chopped chicken liver, house-made bratwurst, and quality catch; eggs joined by foie gras and chicken blood sausage; killer chilaquiles; burgers, fried bologna, and beer; mille-feuille that took a month to perfect.

All proceeds from service today and tomorrow go to Bright Pink and Heshima Kenya.

No diner is finer.

Au Cheval, 800 West Randolph Street, at Halsted Street (312-929-4580).

Photo: Kari Skaflen / DailyCandy

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800 W Randolph St
@ Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60607