Body & Eden Tonics and Elixirs Launch

Back on the Bottle

body & eden tonics and elixirs!

If college this week taught you anything, it’s that liquid courage leads to juicy gossip and late-night fries.

Raise your glass (and standards) to Body & Eden, a new line of tonics and herbal elixirs.

Founders Aubrey Levitt and Hillary Deppeler developed the nutrient-packed diet addendum as an alternative to food-free cleanses that are light on fiber but heavy on sugar.

Frothy green and artisanal tonics pack in local produce (kale, cucumber, melon) and superfoods (spirulina, chlorella, barley grass); herbal elixirs contain brewed infusions like longan fruit, ginger, lemon peel, and cherries. All optimize bodily functions, target needs (energy, glowing skin, stamina), and run between 5 and 160 calories.

Order a la carte for delivery in Manhattan or pickup in Brooklyn. They suggest two or three per day, but you can add spirit(s) to help them go down easier.

To your health.

Available online at bodyandeden.com, $6-$11 each, four drink minimum.

Photo: Courtesy of Body & Eden