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Get Healthy with Raw's Takeaway Service

Five Days to Wellness

raw food!

You tried clean eating once. And it unraveled something like this …

Day 1: Steel-cut oats with agave and flaxseed. Almond butter with banana. Quinoa salad.

Day 2: Pop-Tart. PB&J. Leftover salad.

Day 3: Cereal. Cereal. Cereal.

Time to try again. Chicago French Market vendor Raw’s new takeaway service keeps you healthily fueled for five days.

The menu includes breakfasts, snacks, entrees, salads, spreads, and desserts. Delivery within a mile and a half is also available.

Choose from an ever-changing lineup: kale chips, energy soup (a blend of collard greens, kale, avocado, apple, spinach, cucumber, and banana), oatmeal with spirulina and goji berries, herbed raw vegan cheese with dehydrated chips, seaweed salad, empanadas, falafel sandwich, and sweet potato pancakes.

Riding the healthy bandwagon requires discipline.

But you already know that — you’re no Frosted Flake.

Available at Chicago French Market, 131 North Clinton Street, between Washington Boulevard and Randolph Street (312-831-2729 or frenchmarketchicago.com), $130. For more information, go to chicagorawfood.com.

Photo: Lew Robertson / Getty Images

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