Allyu Spa's Sustainable, Alternative Treatment

Allyu Want, Allyu Need


Try as you might to adhere to the alternative, you’ll choose Advil over Eastern medicine any day.

Stop being such a pill. Allyu Spa’s chakra-balancing treatment proves West isn’t always best.

Newly opened and renovated after a nasty fire (shiny new nail and party rooms, bamboo floors), the space feels calm as can be; the staff, chipper as ever.

Full disclosure: We went in with hesitation. But thanks to lead massage therapist Gerri’s genius, we’re converted. Using Reiki, core synchronism, and aromatherapy, she shifted our unbalanced chakras back into place. The truth? We felt it in our core.

We left with tips to further the transformation (deep-breathing exercises, increasing hydration, even wearing specific colors to enhance weaker elements in our body) — and a newfound sense of equilibrium.

Thinking outside the box can do wonders.

Take it or Aleve it.

Allyu Spa, 600 West Chicago Avenue, at Larrabee Street (312-755-1313 or allyuspa.com).

Photo: Nick Clements / Getty Images

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600 W Chicago Ave
@ Larrabee St
Chicago, IL 60654