Derby Day at Lulu's at the Belle Kay

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lulu's at the belle kay!

If you’ve got big plans for Derby Day (mint julep drinking, bet placing), then you best stop at Lulu’s at the Belle Kay for a hat that fits the occasion. Owner Laurie Davis is known for stocking the best of the best; everything is in pristine condition.

She just received a shipment of one-of-a-kind Derby Day hats (a few were custom-made in L.A.). We’re partial to the pewter taffeta broad-brim with a pink-striped bow. Hey, there’s no better time for gaudiness. Aaaaaand they’re off!

Lulu’s at the Belle Kay, 3862 North Lincoln Avenue, at Byron Street (773-404-5858 or lulusbellekay.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Maureen Schulman

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Lulu's at the Belle Kay
3862 N Lincoln Ave
@ W Byron St
Chicago, IL 60613