Clinical Facials at CI Luxury MedSpa

No muss, no fuss facials

ci luxury medspa!

You fear flying.

DermaPlaning at CI Luxury MedSpa is another story.

The advanced treatment is just one part of the hour-long DermaFlash plus Facial — and we are 100 percent on board. Admittedly, the prefix “med” scares us. But one treatment later, we’re med heads. We can’t wait for round two.

The office is everything you’d expect in a med spa (semisterile feeling, all white). Clothes stay on during appointments — you’re there for results, after all.

After cleansing, your aesthetician uses a tiny blade to slough off dead skin and peach fuzz (a.k.a. DermaPlaning). You lose hair you never knew you had. Newly shorn, you’re treated to a peel (chemical for normal skin, enzyme for sensitive) and oxygenating serum.

Then you hop up, look in the mirror, and gasp (trust us): Your skin is literally glowing.

You’re on cloud nine.

Available at CI Luxury MedSpa, 100 East Walton Street, between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street, suite 400 (312-255-1495 or cimedspa.com), $200.

Photo: Courtesy of CI Luxury MedSpa

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100 E Walton St
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