New Dimension

Sarah Sloboda Photography goes 3-D

sarah sloboda photography 3-d!

No matter how much you try to plan (the outfits, the location, the weather), family photo shoots can fall flat.

But Sarah Sloboda takes them to another dimension — the third dimension. The Cleveland-based photographer recently rediscovered a 3-D lens she bought back in her days of shooting weddings in New York City. At the time, she considered showcasing subjects by 3-D viewers (think your old red View-Master), but the idea faded.

Fast-forward a decade. Sloboda now focuses on family photos, and the timing seems just right. Starting this summer, as part of her family packages, she’ll shoot your brood with the 3-D lens. In addition to regular pictures, you get a 3-D viewer and a seven-image reel of your kids springing to life. We got our hands on an early sample and couldn’t stop pressing the lever to see what would pop up next.

Sloboda regularly travels to NYC and has upcoming shoots in Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Austin, Texas. Not coming to your town? Gather eight to ten interested families, and she’ll make a special trip.

Now that’s deep.

For more information, go to sarahsloboda.com. Prices start at $250.

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Sloboda