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Eat, Pray, Love at Graham Elliot Bistro (G.E.B.)

Have a religious dining experience


The Genesis of Graham Elliot Bistro (G.E.B.), opening today:

And Graham said, “Let there be rentable space with a patio in the West Loop.” And it was so.

And Graham said, “Gather reclaimed church pews for seating. And build a private chef’s table in a stained glass-enclosed confessional room. And let there be a record player, so there may be music.”

Graham called his menu “seasonal” and his price point “affordable” (everything under $20). And he saw that it was good.

Then Graham said, “Let executive chef Jacob Saben produce cold and warm apps (shrimp, avocado, yucca; risotto, artichoke, lemon). And the water shall teem with living creatures, so he can serve sockeye, garlic, and lardo.

“And let the land produce living creatures, so he may plate chicken, buttermilk, and tarragon; pork, okra, and watermelon.

“And for God’s sake, let there be beignets.”

G.E.B., 841 West Randolph Street, at Green Street (312-888-2258 or gebistro.com).

Photo: Courtesy of G.E.B.

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841 W Randolph St
@ Green St
Chicago, IL 60607