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Cotton Candy Is Back

Spun All Natural Confections catering for your next party

spun confections!

Seth Bankier was put on this earth to make every other dad jealous.

The suburban father of two owns a cotton candy machine, from which he churns fantastically airy sweets on a stick for his new company, Spun All Natural Confections.

Bankier insists the treat isn’t just for kids, however. One bite of salty caramel and you’ll agree. He’s got a knack for flavor — and the brains to understand that using organic, natural ingredients is today’s equivalent of a golden ticket.

Invite Spun to your next party, and Bankier arrives, machine in tow, to serve his low-calorie snacks in a slew of intriguing flavors: watermelon, blue raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, truffle oil, and candy cane peppermint.

All of the nostalgia, none of the preservatives.

This pops is tops.

Spun All Natural Confections (312-880-7786, spunconfections.com, or facebook.com).

Photo: Thomas Tivoli / Flickr