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Flavorful, Chicago-Made PoshCorn

Snap, crackle, posh


Mindless snacking: It happens to everyone.

Save yourself the shame (you can’t burn an empty peanut butter jar; we’ve tried) and munch on a new snack that’s as satisfying as it is good for you: PoshCorn.

Kendall grad and food stylist Mike Chapter and Marc Macaranas achieve a depth of flavor that takes their corn to the next level. Starting with organic kernels, they add smart combinations of fresh herbs, spices, and natural ingredients, then pop small-batch orders in a community kitchen.

Choose from several varieties: Divine Devon (a tribute to India with hints of turmeric and cinnamon), Lumberjack (smoked paprika, maple sugar, smoked sea salt), Garlic Breath (enough said), T.P.D. (truffle oil, aged Parmesan, fresh dill), Sweet Heat (local honey, cayenne), Tom Yummy (lemon grass, kaffir lime, ginger), and Mad Rooster (Sriracha, sugar).

Order for weddings, events, or yourself.


Available by phone order (773-800-9884) or email (eat@poshcornchicago.com). For more information, go to poshcornchicago.com.

Photo: Courtesy of PoshCorn