App-y Day: Squiggles

Drawing takes a new curve

squiggles app!

To you, your little Monet’s drawing is a few wiggly lines. To him, it’s caterpillars chasing a three-tailed brontosaurus in the ocean.

The next time you underestimate a scribble, check out Squiggles. The new app encourages kids to draw curvy, swerve-y lines over colorful illustrated scenes. Each time squiggles are added, scenes become animated in increasingly vibrant and amusing ways.

Budding artists choose colors and drawing instruments (marker, paintbrush, ketchup bottle) from a toolbar. Then they can do things like scribble beards on men to make them chuckle, sketch swirls on lollipops to make them go round, and doodle on trees to make birds tweet. It’s all a fun introduction to problem solving and cause and effect.

We promise it’ll draw you in.

Available at itunes.apple.com, free.

Photo: Courtesy of Lazoo Worldwide