Kara Nakfoor Can Read You like a Book

Chicago's best psychic

kara nakfoor psychic!

Need to see it to believe it?

You won’t after a session with clairvoyant Kara Nakfoor.

We know what you’re thinking (we were, too). But if you’re willing to take a chance, Nakfoor will amaze you.

At Lakeview’s InVision psychic school, she uses extraordinary aura-sensing capabilities to read your current state of mind. She sticks to topics of your choosing and delves into past, present, and future. Her scarily dead-on intuition keeps you focused throughout the hour-long session.

Beyond her psychic capabilities, Nakfoor helps suss out energy blocks in your life (it works — trust us) and provides guidance on working through bad relationships, business woes, etc. She also reminds you that there’s always free will (read: You control your choices — she’s just the medium).

You leave with an MP3 of your session.

In case you prefer to hear it to believe it.

InVision, 3340 North Clark Street, between Roscoe Street and Buckingham Place (773-528-2830 or invisionpsychic.com). For more information, go to karanakfoor.com.

Photo: Michael Hitoshi / Getty Images 

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