Top-Notch Treatments at Valeo Express Lounge

Stellar spa services in 40 minutes or less

valeo express lounge!

You got shrieked at by a baby on the bus then berated by your boss at the office.

Better make that lunch break count.

Swing by Valeo Express Lounge, the JW Marriott’s best-kept secret. Located smack in the middle of the Loop, the 3-month-old space is ideal for lunchtime drop-ins and postwork restoration sessions.

Individual treatments are performed in 40 minutes or less yet don’t skimp on details: The WellLocks scalp treatment includes a killer head massage (and, if you’ve got time, one of the finest blowouts in town).

But the best bang for your buck is the Trifecta — three services in less than two hours. We experienced the scalp treatment, a WellSoles soakless pedicure (while lying horizontal), and a mind-blowing massage that left us feeling like Gumby.

It’s a scream.

Valeo Express Lounge, at the JW Marriott, 151 West Adams Street, at LaSalle Street (312-660-8250 or valeochicago.com).

Photo: Altrendo Images / Getty Images

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151 W Adams St
@ LaSalle St, in the JW Marriott
Chicago, IL 60604