Bamboo Massage at Savon Spa

East meets West in Lakeview

savon spa bamboo massage!

Grandma’s wisdom. Oprah’s empire. Subarus.

Some things are built to last.

Add bamboo massage to the list. The ancient Southeast Asian technique is based on Thai and shiatsu theories; today it persists at Lakeview newcomer Savon Spa.

A childhood spent between Vietnam and the U.S. helps owner Vince Dinh expertly spin modern Western modalities into old-world Eastern treatments.

The bamboo massage is the best example. While you lie on a heated table, your therapist heats organic aromatherapy oil (heat allows the bamboo to more deeply penetrate your muscles). Using different lengths and widths of bamboo for varying degrees of pressure, she rolls across your body, untying every knot along the way.

While cooling your system, the technique removes toxins, increases circulation, and balances your energy. Turns out hands ain’t got nothing on cane: After the hour-long treatment, you’ll feel like you’ve had three massages.

Leaving quite the impression.

Savon Spa, 3635 North Halsted Street, between Waveland Avenue and Addison Street (773-348-7873 or savonspa.com).

Photo: Camilo Morales / Getty Images 

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3635 N Halsted St
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